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    Andy Calloway

    I think I read somewhere that there would be a testing/quiz app?

    Any idea when that will be available?


    Invanto Support

    Hello Andy,

    Quiz app called “Testnia” is already on the roadmap and soon our tech team should start working on it soon.

    Its scheduled in first quarter of next year 🙂



    I would second this request.

    More generically, I would like to be able to insert the user’s unique identifier into URLs, so that I can do work, like quizzes, or other external learning tasks, and then post the results of those efforts back to the student’s record.

    So there are two related features:
    1.) access in the course content editors to add the user’s id as a parameter in a link, e.g.
    if link is “http://tests.mytrainingsite.com/course/234/quiz/3/student_id/{STUDENT_ID}”
    then, assuming the student’s ID is 12380212, the link is transformed to:

    2.) allow some authenticated API to allow me to push a history record to a student’s notes field

    “2017-01-04 15:35:03 Successfully completed quiz. Score was 18/20. Elapsed time: 22:31 \n”
    (Or something like that..)

    Regarding item 1 above, it might be simpler to just provide the required user info via javascript.
    Since we can drop our own javascript on the page, it is possible you can just populate the window object with user’s id
    (e.g., window.ivanto.user_id gets 12380212 for this example)

    If I have the info in the js context, I can update my own links via JS that I write. Also, potentially update the page content, based on external user info using ajax to an external server.


    Invanto Support

    Hello Tom,

    Can you please send us more details on “Support@invanto.com” or connect us using small chat icon inside admin panel and I will get it checked with tech team.


    Balazs Horvath


    What is really strange for me that you advertise this feature on your homepage:
    https://www.invanto.com/coachrack/ > Student Rewards

    “Easily build engaging student communities. Reward 20 points on login, assign a badge on completing a quiz, or give access to another course on reaching 500 points.”

    How is this possible than that you are not have this functionality, what is the status of this? Last december you wrote that it will be ready in the first quarter.. (Its scheduled in first quarter of next year)



    Siddharth Aklujkar


    Its already was scheduled by end of March, but there will be slight delay as we will release it in April.

    I appreciate your patience on this one!



    Update? I would like to add a quiz as well.



    Invanto Support

    Hi Dan,

    Testnia is soon to be releases. Please stay tuned to our FB page for further updates on this.

    Here’s the link if you are not a member yet


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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