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    I have 2 students reporting that can’t access the course. The screen says “Oops! This lesson is locked You don’t have access to this lesson”.

    Both are set to Active/Status enabled in those two different spots in the student record. They were set up with the default subscription duration (10 years from memory) but I can’t find anywhere to double-check or amend that on my dashboard.

    The course now has forced completion switched off.

    They’re free students so I added them in manually on a free plan that’s no longer activated/visible, but I can’t imagine why that would matter.

    What else should I be looking at?




    In case anyone else is having this problem and searching for solutions here on the forum:

    – Check the end subscription date for your students – it defaults to the start date, so essentially if you haven’t manually set a different end date, they’re locked out 24 hours after signing up

    – You can find each student’s subscription date under School/Orders. It’s not visible on the front screen, but if you scroll to the right some more columns appear. You can edit it right at the end.


    Siddharth Aklujkar

    Hello Trish,

    First of all check the subscription end date of customer you’re trying to log in:

    Then please check that member you’re trying to log in is subscribed the same plan which is mapped to the content category, i.e check if a category is mapped to the membership plan.



    Hi, all the above is correct here. It only sometimes happens that a student is locked for the next lesson. It seems that depending on the route they take to come to the lesson, they suddenly are blocked. Any reason for that?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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