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    I want to create a course, but only one. I honestly don’t understand why I can’t create just a course without having to create an entire “school”, but I accept it that this is the way Invanto was designed.

    But if I only have one course, it kind of looks… cheesy.
    1. The user arrives to a page that has a HUGE Invanto banner on top. So it’s not my own brand, I’m advertising Invanto (a distraction to selling my course) – and on TOP of the site none the less, in a larger font than the course title. Wow. I have seen a user question on this forum asking about removing it several months ago – no reply from Invanto at all.

    2. The course page has a grey “Popular course” icon on the bottom that shows nothing, but links to the same page it is on. Why? Can this be removed?

    3. There is a login link on top of the course. Clicking on it provides no explanation as to what it is for. Is it for students? Is it for the owner of the course/admin? The login panel just say “Let’s get started” but doesn’t say started with… what? It also has a grammar error (“Please fill up the form…”).

    4. Once I log in as a student, I’m welcomed with the instructor’s profile picture filling the entire screen, pushing all content outside the visible area. So the entire browser window shows nothing but a huge, enlarged photo. This is the case for EVERY page with a student login.

    5. The grey “popular course” grey icon keeps haunting me on the bottom of every page.

    6. I see a “My quizzes” link on the left of the Student profile. I don’t intend to ever have quizzes for my course (it’s inappropriate for the types of course), so it’s useless but also kind of dumb since it only leads to a page that says “No records found”. Am I still forced to have this there? Is there any way to remove it?

    7. There is a HUGE Gravatar icon on the student page as the email I used doesn’t have one. Why am I forced to advertise Gravatar on my course page? Can this be removed?

    8. I completed 50% of the course (which is indicated by the progress bar), yet, when I return to the course, instead of any content or the place I was last, I am shown and EMPTY page with a green “Let’s get started” button. Since I already completed 50% of the course, “getting started” is inappropriate and I don’t get why you are displaying a completely blank page in this scenario instead of the next item.

    9. The “Let’s get started” button then takes me to the BEGINNING of the course… why? If the app knows I already completed 50% of the course, why does it display that fact AND takes me to the beginning? The app has the info on the student’s progress, so why does it only use it to show a progress bar, but not remember where the student is in the course?

    All in all, compared to Udemy or other course sites, the UI seems half done, maybe like an early beta, but very disappointing for a paid product. Without some major improvements, I wouldn’t even think about using Invanto in its current state to deliver a serious course as using such an amateurish UI would reflect bad on my own work. The gap between Invanto and current popular course sites/apps is HUGE. Anyone who has ever done a Udemy course would see a course as it currently presented in Invanto as a college dorm experiment at best, not a professional presentation.

    And I’m writing this more than a year after I bought Invanto – I just revisited it to see if it matured enough to be ready for use, but unfortunately, it feels like a half-cooked (or abandoned?) app.

    Since it has been a year and Invanto is still very far away from being ready for prime time, I would really like to know if there are plans to make it into a competitive product (considering what’s available in the market) that would be appropriate to deliver a professional quality course.

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