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    Hi there,

    There am currently facing 4 problems with the membership site.

    1. The most urgent issue is that a monthly subscriber has notified me that the content is all locked. I have an annual account which I can use to test and everything works fine. But when I put in ‘monthly’ in the url instead of annual. Everything becomes locked. This is even when I have selected in the category AND content page option that both memberships should get access. I even tried to undo that and select it again. But it didn’t make a change. Please let me know how I can make sure that the monthly subscribers can still see the content that has been made available to them too. I have double checked their account and they are in good standing.

    2. There is a huge banner image at the top of my membership site (under menu) after the last update. I don’t know how to get rid of it, nor do I know why it got there in the first place.

    3. How can I create a ‘dummy’ subscription account so that I don’t have to pay in the front end, but I can login with the account and get access like a normal subscriber would, so I can test and see how things are working within the membership?

    4. I used to have a side menu that somehow disappeared after the latest update. Would you have a tutorial or show me how to make one for the right side plus how to add new categories in when I have created new content?

    I would really appreciate your quick response. Thank you!


    Invanto Support

    Hi Natasha,

    Here are the answers to your queries :

    1. First of all check the subscription end date of customer you’re trying to log in:
    Then please check that member you’re trying to log in is subscribed the same plan which is mapped to the content category, i.e check if a category is mapped to the membership plan.

    2. Please send us the screenshot of this page along with the name of the theme you are using t and we will check this for you.

    3. From your MemberFactory dashboard, go to Options >> Add member >> Enter the details >> enable the toggle for “Free User” >> select the respective plan >> under payment gateways, select offline >> select the end date >> check the status should be active and hit save.

    login to th front end and check the access.

    4. That’s right. The module listing has been removed from the sidebar. However, a subscribed member will see all the modules he is subscribed to at the bottom of his account
    under “My Memberships”.

    To create a new category, go to Manage Site >> Content >> Add Category >> Enter the details and map it to a membership plan. Hit save.
    Now as you said you have already created content (pages), go to Edit under options >> select the category from the drop-down at the right bottom corner and hit save.




    Hi there,

    I want to first reply to the most important question real quick. The first one.

    Yes, I have checked already that both the content is under the right category. And that the client is also active and they are subscribed to the right thing. Maybe it helps to repeat again that this client was able to access all the content perfectly, before the update. This is something new that has happened. I only have 2 subscriptions available. One is an annual one and one is a monthly one. This client is in the monthly subscription. And ALL my content is selected to be accessible to both of these subscriptions. Please advise, thank you.


    Invanto Support

    Hi Natasha,

    Could you please provide us the screenshots of the expiry, next billing date of this subscription and the billing frequency and validity of the membership plan in question, to

    We will check this for you.

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