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    Jack Stephens

    Currently, drip lesson notification emails are sent to students immediately upon their clicking that the lesson is complete.

    Unfortunately, by the time their next lesson is available, the notification has been buried under tons of other emails. In my case, 24 hours worth.

    I’m LOSING STUDENTS who have asked to be reminded in a more timely reminder!

    With my lessons set to a 24 hour drip, I would prefer for my students to receive a notification WHEN THE NEXT LESSON IS UNLOCKED, once the drip period has passed.

    The Subject Line would be something like this: Lesson #136 now available for A Year to Awaken Your Soul!

    Last year, I was told this was on the road map. I know you guys are busy, but I’m beyond frustrated with the delay in this getting implemented.

    How’s it coming along?

    Thanks, Jack


    Kris Borgraeve

    Same here, it feels like an essential functionality needed to keep students engaged.
    I agree, Jack, that this should be a priority.

    Kris / Perth

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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