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    Hi – is anyone else having problems adding a new student to CoachRack?

    When I try to add someone my browser (chrome and safari) think that the name and password field need autocompleting so i’m not sure if this is something to do with the error.

    I complete all the details – Free User, Notify User etc… yet when i click ‘save’ i’m just entered into a loop


    Siddharth Aklujkar

    Hello Charlie,

    This isssue is resolved via Support desk, as you did not enable the pricing plan for your course.

    Before you wish to add any student inside course, we need to make sure if

    1. Course has active pricing plan created.
    2. Course is added inside school section.
    3. The currency of School and course is same.

    You missed the first condition so you were not able to add students 🙂


    Suzanne Dulin

    I’ve tried creating a free user. When I open the getting started email and click the password link, I’m getting “invalid token”. I’ve tried a couple of different passwords.

    I do not like the prompts. It should not say Reset Password for the first login. It should say Create a Password.


    Invanto Support

    Hi Suzanne,

    Please ensure the reset password link was utilized within 24 hours.
    If yes, then send us the details of this user along with the front end URL of your site to and we will check this for you.

    Every week we make a list of feature requests we receive and decide to take take up the features on the basis of priority and the number of requests we receive for that particular feature. So depending on that tech team decide to improve our system.

We did not receive much request on the above features, may be that’s the reason it still the in request list. I will highlight the request once again and see what could be done.



    I must agree with Suzanne – It should not say Reset Password for the first login. It should say Create a Password.

    Or better – when the student enters a name and email – have the password chosen right away. There are too many confusing steps to enroll and saying check your email – then “reset password” which does not make sense for a student who does not have one yet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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