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Designing membership site is difficult

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    Do you have a list of descriptions of what pages or buttons I’m affecting when I go to the site designer to change colors? Otherwise it’s a lot of trial and error- a lot! Too many hours of frustration. For instance, I cannot find how to turn the white text color of “order now” or “pay” on the “Membership Plans” page, to a darker color while it’s on a white background. I can’t read the words because they are white on white. Also, I cannot turn the background color of the main menu tabs to white. Instead I have two random blocks of blue at the top with the words “Memberships” and “Account”. Again, I have plucked around for hours and typically feel I’m pretty savvy with this stuff. The tutorial is very much lacking on site design. Do you have a better list of descriptions about what a “primary button” or “secondary button” is (and more)?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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