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    Do you have a list of descriptions of what pages or buttons I’m affecting when I go to the site designer to change colors? Otherwise it’s a lot of trial and error- a lot! Too many hours of frustration. For instance, I cannot find how to turn the white text color of “order now” or “pay” on the “Membership Plans” page, to a darker color while it’s on a white background. I can’t read the words because they are white on white. Also, I cannot turn the background color of the main menu tabs to white. Instead I have two random blocks of blue at the top with the words “Memberships” and “Account”. Again, I have plucked around for hours and typically feel I’m pretty savvy with this stuff. The tutorial is very much lacking on site design. Do you have a better list of descriptions about what a “primary button” or “secondary button” is (and more)?


    Invanto Support

    Hi Julie,

    This is already under feature request and will be covered in the next theme optimization.

    Till then, we will bring video tutorials to help you with this. We appreciate you patience meanwhile.



    It would be nice to have a text version tutorial – not everyone learns well via videos

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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