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    Drew Hudgins

    Hey Siddharth and Invanto team.

    I’d like to request the ability to add a coupon code.

    This fits into a very popular strategy where people collect leads…

    then send them to a course at a drastic discount.

    — IF !! — If I would like to use a different checkout (ThriveCart) to collect payments for students, can I add them manually (I’ve tried but it was a little clunky..
    tell ya what, I’ll ask this question in a support ticket; there might be some creative workarounds)


    Invanto Support

    Hi Drew,

    We have come up with this feature recently. Please refer the post Deep has updated recently in our FB group :


    Jack Stephens

    Hey team, thanks for creating the option for coupons! Any chance of increasing the max coupon value from 99% to 100%?? I’d much prefer to do this and send people to a beautiful landing page where they can really learn the value of the course they’re getting prior to checkout. I understand that I can send them a link to the cart for the free version of my course but it’s just not as effective (in my opinion). Thanks for considering.


    Invanto Support

    Hi Jack,

    We have not provided the option for 100 % discount as you get an option to create a personalized membership plan and provide the content as free to your selected users.

    I am adding it to the feature request for you and let’s see what could be done.


    John Tennant

    Bump for 100% – this would allow free promotion for a paid course , but eliminate the need for a duplicate free course

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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