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    Anthony Recenello

    How in the world is Invanto so behind in terms of features? Before we ask them do to high-value features, can Invanto please please fix something as easy as enabling students to access courses without needing to enter their password every time?

    This feature should have been added years ago–but for some reason Invanto wants to ignore it for other things they are working on.

    If you think this is important, please comment below so we can get Invanto to focus on what matters.



    Don’t hold your breath. They used to listen, but they stopped. Now the Invanto team doesn’t even read the comments here.

    I can see from what’s publicly visible that there are only a handful customers using their existing apps, I assume for the same reason I haven’t started using them yet – everything is half cooked, like an early beta. They build something but before it’s ready for prime time, they abandon it and start building something else.

    “What do you guys need” turned into “rate the features WE propose” and “in what sequence should OUR IDEAS be implemented?”.

    I still didn’t give up hope they will realize what’s happening and get back to their earlier self when they used to actually listen to their customers. Currently they are on an all-out feature stacking trip, apparently trying to turn into Zoho.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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