Can you integrate your own payment system with Invanto?

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    I was thinking about using Invanto to offer courses, but there is 1 problem. Invanto only offers Paypal checkout and Stripe (which I assume is credit card). However, in the Netherlands, a different payment system called iDeal is the nr. 1 payment system. Not that many people use Paypal.

    I would therefore need to have a checkout system in place using iDeal. Is it possible to use such a system by having my own checkout page with Ideal payment and then link it to Invanto, so that a customer gets automatic access to the course on Invanto after processing of payment?




    Michiel, with Stripe you can accept IDEAL payments.



    Thanks for your reply Astrid. Does that mean you can have a sales page made with Invanto that directly offers IDEAL payments for customers? Have you set something up like this?

    Or is there a way link our current system (a checkout page using in combination with Digitale Factuur) to an Invanto online course? Thanks!


    Raaj Menon

    I don’t see Paypal in the payment gateway setup?


    Invanto Support

    Hi Raj,

    PayPal integration is available with MemberFactory and CoachRack but not with CartFog. It is on the roadmap and will be added soon.



    Dirkje Evers

    Do you already have a solution for this, Michiel?

    For instance: if – instead of the buy button linking to the Invanto checkout page – we could add a custom url for or own external checkout page, that would already be a welcome workaround, imho…



    Nope, I’m afraid not :). For this reason I don’t think I will be able to use Invanto unfortunately. It would require having an external sales page and payment system, somehow linking that to Invanto so a user is automatically logged in after paying, and then also a solution for automatically sending invoices to clients. It seems like one would need to duct tape all these systems together.

    Stripe offers iDeal payments, but I read their instruction pages on this and they were very technical.


    Dirkje Evers

    Hi Michiel,

    My apologies for the late reply, –> I just found your comment in my spambox, so I couldn’t answer immediately.

    It’s a pity that Invanto neglects non-English users worldwide. Imagine how many users this affects… I completely don’t understand why Invanto doesn’t make it possible to let people pay via other options that are offered by Stripe.

    I’ve asked for a workaround, to make it possible for us to link the pay button to a custom url, so we can let clients pay via our own systems. At the end of several emails they said this regarding the custom url: “I have added this to the feature request list of CoachRack. However, I do not have an ETA at this point of time of when this feature of using external checkout page will be available.”

    I don’t mind that I need to invoice customers manually after that, so that custom url workaround would already be handy for me.

    Invanto really could make a difference and stand out from other course platforms when they make it possible to let people connnect their own preferred payment system via Stripe. I’m hoping that they will see this before they’ve lost all these customers…

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    Dirkje Evers


    I just bought a course on Udemy and was able to pay via iDeal. See the screenshot…

    Udemy apparently reads the country from my profile info, and knows what payment system goes with that.

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    Yes, Udemy provides that option. I guess it can also be done with Invanto, if you manage to hook an external payment system to the Invanto login, but I assume you need special coding work done for that. For the meantime I decided to not use Invanto and instead directly refer my website visitors to Soofos, a Dutch course platform similar to Udemy. They provide a good checkout experience with iDeal payments and it saves me time and work trying to figure out if I can use a payment system with Invanto.

    Have you found a solution yet Dirkje?

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