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    Lisa Koivu

    I would like to send a request to please – pretty please – add an affiliate option for CoachRack. I don’t need a whole platform, just something like the partner center you offer for Invanto! I know there are a few different sites that are compatible, like JVZoo, but I work with bloggers, and JVZoo is kind of a mess unless you know what you’re doing in there. I keep seeing new products appear, but I would LOVE just a really basic affiliate link I can give my users so they can help promote my courses. Thank you for considering! 🙂


    Siddharth Aklujkar

    Hello Lisa,

    Already added to feature request list 🙂

    Keep them coming!


    Kylie Malcolm



    Lori Hardegree

    yes, please

    I would love to move everything to the Invonto platform, and to have my students do the same, but an affiliate option it is just not possible.


    Mon Espiritu

    Affiliate marketing is the lifeblood of all online businesses. never heard an online business without any affiliate. We should have this the soonest possible time.


    Siddharth Aklujkar


    Its already a priority feature under feature request list and we will come up with such basic affiliate option really soon 🙂




    how close is this to reality now? I really need this now!


    Invanto Support

    Hi Esther,

    AllyHut is released now which provides you with the below features :

    1. Supports your sites and products in different currencies.

    2. Promote your invanto sites and / or external products. You can send visitors to a custom sales page link as well for both invanto and non-invanto sites/products. It still tracks everything nicely.

    3. Credit sale to first or last affiliate, your choice.

    4. Set your own withdrawal period – make commissions withdrawal able after your refund guarantee is over or before…

    5. Product performance dashboard.

    6. THIS ONE IS COOL – Along with the ability to recruit affiliates from existing invanto user base, you can build affiliate portals on your own domain. Customize the affiliate portal with your own logo, a nice welcome message and a video to greet your affiliates and tell them why they should promote your product.

    Stay tuned to our facebook group as more features are being added to these.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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