Influencer Roundup with Saurabh Bhatnagar

A major part of any community is gathering perspectives from its members. With an aim to bring to you a variety of success stories and insightful journeys, we kick-start this series of expert Q&A with celebrated entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

These entrepreneurs are change makers of the highest order – they’ve taken risks, believed in their ideas, and worked hard to be where they are today.

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Info & SAAS product creator, Facebook marketing & Conversions Optimization Expert, and a successful Invantor, Saurabh Bhatnagar has been with us for quite some time now.

Here’s a detailed look at his journey, and how Invanto helped him take his business to newer heights.

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Veethi: Hi, Saurabh! Please tell us a little about your background.

Saurabh: My main line of business is Product Selling (Info & SAAS) and expertise in Facebook Marketing & Conversions Optimization. I started my loyalty program and event management company in 2012.

Since I had no prior business experience, I obviously made a ton of mistakes. As a result, I did not make any profit for four years!

This isn’t to say that we weren’t good enough – in fact, we exceeded expectations of every business owner with whom we were connected. We also brought a lot of business to all our connected vendors (loyalty program). But, we were continuously failing at bringing any revenue for our company.

As you already know, every startup requires you to learn and do things on your own. And that, is why I started learning more about Facebook Marketing.

Gary Vee videos have a huge role to play in whatever I know about Facebook Marketing today. Gradually, I started bringing in good results for my company as well as the organizations for which I worked as a digital marketing consultant.

I’d say that Facebook Marketing has always remained my core, and brought me recognition, which is why I decided to enter full-fledged into internet marketing.

Veethi: What was your biggest challenge when you started your online business?

Saurabh: Funds and knowledge. No matter what, even the most basic tools require money. But, I didn’t have that either. So, I had to save for months before I could make my first investment. Somehow, I managed to buy a software for $500, but again, my bank balance plunged to zero. After a while, I invested in another software worth $1000, which left me with nothing.

The reason I’m telling you this is that those two investments, no matter how trying, showed me just how important investments are in business.

I also wanted to increase my knowledge on online marketing, which is why, I locked myself in a room for a month. I shut down all distractions, and watched around 500-600 videos in a span of 30 days! With this activity’s immediate impact, my results improved immediately and I, along with my partner, started making decent money working online.

Veethi: What is your number one strategy to increase your customers?

Saurabh: Education. Educate your audience before pitching to them. Once they know the true worth of your product, they’ll automatically be more inclined towards buying your product.

Veethi: How has Invanto helped you transform the way you operate?

Saurabh: Two words: business centralization.

A while ago, alongside my business, I started building online courses, for which I used WordPress with a Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin. Soon enough, I realized that I could convert my content into a membership style format to cater to an all new audience that enjoys content in drip style.

So, I redid the entire thing, and used WordPress along with a different membership plugin.

Unfortunately, this is where I hit a roadblock – my customers got segregated into two different databases. Moreover, when I created my third site, I had to repeat the whole ordeal of WordPress setup and ongoing maintenance for each of my sites.

This, is where Invanto came to my rescue. The beauty of this simple-to-use platform is that I could manage and oversee everything from a single dashboard.

Today, I am very successfully running two operations on it at the moment. The best part is knowing that there is a dedicated team sitting at the helm of the operations at Invanto. So, I feel secure sending my traffic to the products I have built there.

To put it simply, with Invanto, the only thing I have to take care of is bringing in sales and customers. The rest of it is simply perfect. Even the interface gives an incredibly royal vibe, which is good for us – allows us to charge extra! 😉

Veethi: What’s the one piece of advice you’d like to give to anyone who wishes to start their own online business?

Saurabh: I actually have three.

1) Don’t shy away from making investments. You can never save enough money. Spend what you have so that you are able to multiply it using the knowledge/resources you gather after making the investment.

2) Practical implementation is the key. Even the best of knowledge won’t suffice until you are implementing it.

3) Don’t procrastinate about things you know SHOULD be done. If they’re important, do them as soon as possible.

Veethi: What are the top 3 things in your business that you want to focus on, in 2018?

Saurabh: 1) Recurring revenue 2) Brand building 3) High ticket sales

Veethi: Thank you, Saurabh, for sharing your valuable insights with us on your entrepreneurial journey. We hope you unlock newer levels of success, and achieve all your business goals.

Hope you enjoyed reading this exciting interview, and learned new things that you can implement in your own business. You can find more about Saurabh here.

Stay tuned with us for more such influencer roundups.

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